About MIEA


Migrant Driven Innovation and Entreprenuership could redefine the relationship between NZ and the world.


Our Vision

An initiative by migrants for migrants with support from and connections with New Zealand government agencies and private entities / association concerned is an innovative and value-added answer for both the New Zealand Migrant Investor & Entrepreneur community and the New Zealand ecosystem.

To be both a transversal hub and relay that is completely INDEPENDENT from any private companies and government agencies but will work closely and TRANSPARENTLY with them as partners for the benefit of our community and the New Zealand economy.

Our Members

  • Our members are migrants that have arrived in New Zealand under the Investor 1 and 2 categories or EHF global impact visa holder.
  • Entrepreneur category is eligible for EHF global visa holder and ambitious migrant founders with global expertise who wants add value with migrants community.
  • In the first year of the association we have attracted 56 members and our goal is to increase this to 200 by 2022. ( Legal agreement with INZ is on going).
  • There is currently circa 2000 approved migrant investors at various levels of settlement based the data from INZ.


  • MIEA was born out of an acknowledgement by Immigration New Zealand that they needed a way to provide a better resource support and sense of community among members.
  • It was deemed that the best group of people to assist migrants arriving today was to give them access to and the benefit of the migrant network that had come before them.
  • As Investor category migrants are required to directly invest in New Zealand as part of their immigration program, they have an immediate need to understand the New Zealand business and investment landscape. MIEA assists with new arrival orientation, education and relevant association.
  • As MEIA grows its membership, its goal is to become the “go to” association for families planning their arrival and integration into their new home and country, whether the need is to understand family needs such as education or more complex areas such as taxation and law.

An Immigration NZ Initiative

MIEA is the child of an idea that was originated by INZ in 2019.

INZ is evaluating the high level of agreement with MIEA to support the MIEA marketing and target to finalise it into 2020

They felt that Smart capital with minimal integration was not enough and that after settlement “aftercare” support was needed to bed in these migrants.

INZ decided that a program where migrants support migrants would add significant value over trying to build this into their government program.

New strategy focuses on impact from migrant investors:

  • $100m invested: regions, environment, social, sectors of global competitiveness
  • Grow network to 200 members by 2021
  • 10% of members sitting on board (governance, advisory, mentoring)

MIEA Goals & Aspirations:

  • To facilitate the NZ journey of our members,
  • To be a voice for our members and engage with government agencies, private partners and NZ community, in order to develop the NZ eco-system
  • To source / share any useful information for our members
  • To organize regular formal / informal events (locally or not) in order to allow connections, meetings and experience sharing between the members (through digital tools and/or physical meetings)
  • To build a world network of founding members (Ambassadors) based in region in order to physically cover the main regions of NZ and the world.