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Founded in July 2019 by a group of migrant investors in New Zealand, the Migrant Investor & Entrepreneur Association (MIEA) is a world-first network by migrants for migrants and will act as a landing and launching pad for New Zealand migrant investors.

The association has the support and connections of government agencies and private entities within the New Zealand investment ecosystem.


The initiative came from the discussions initiated by a group of Migrant Investors & Entrepreneurs and INZ (Immigration New Zealand) concerning the different challenges they faced along their NZ experience journey, and how as a group they could assist, develop and/or improve their NZ experience journey (on personal and/or professional level).

MIEA Goals & Aspirations:

  • To facilitate the NZ journey of our members,
  • To be a voice for our members and engage with government agencies, private partners and NZ community, in order to develop the NZ eco-system
  • To source / share any useful information for our members
  • To organize regular formal / informal events (locally or not) in order to allow connections, meetings and experience sharing between the members (through digital tools and/or physical meetings)
  • To build a world network of founding members (Ambassadors) based in region in order to physically cover the main regions of NZ and the world.

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