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About MIEA

Founded in July 2019 by a group of migrant investors in New Zealand, the Migrant Investor & Entrepreneur Association Ltd (MIEA) is a private network by migrants for migrants and will act as a landing and launching pad for New Zealand migrant investors.

The initiative came from the discussions initiated by a group of Migrant Investors & Entrepreneurs and INZ (Immigration New Zealand) concerning the different challenges they faced along their NZ experience journey, and how as a group they could assist, develop and/or improve their NZ experience journey (on personal and/or professional level).

The association has the support and connections of government agencies and private entities within the New Zealand investment ecosystem.

MIEA Goals & Aspirations:

  • To facilitate the NZ journey of our members
  • To be a voice for our members and engage with government agencies, private partners and NZ community, in order to develop the NZ eco-system
  • To source / share any useful information for our members
  • To organize regular formal / informal events (locally or not) in order to allow connections, meetings and experience sharing between the members (through digital tools and/or physical meetings)
  • Empower the Innovation & entrepreneurship by NZ entrepreneur competition

Recent EventsĀ 

See some highlights from our recent events, to see our upcoming events, please see our Events Page